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Cookie Policy

last update on 2020.9.19

What are cookies and what are they used for?

A cookie is a small fragment of text that contains information about your browsing activity, and that gets stored in your browser as you navigate through different websites. This way, the next time you access the same website, it will recognise you, and will save and display all preferences you set the last time you visited, or personalised content according to your navigation history. Therefore, create a more tailored experience for your website design and dashboard design journey. 

What kinds of cookies exist?

Cookies can be classified by many criteria, such as purposes, duration, or owner/origin.

  • According to their ​duration,​ there can be:

    • Session cookies: they last only while you are navigating through the website and then get deleted.

    • Persistent cookies: they last for any time between a second and 10 years.

  • According to their ​function,​ cookies can be:

    • Essential: strictly necessary for the website to work and for us to provide you the web service. Without them, access to the website would not be granted.

    • Non-essential: Not strictly necessary for the website service, they can be:

      • Functional: they ensure a better functioning of the website, beyond the strictly essential.

      • Analytical: they are used in order to follow, understand and analyse users behaviour in the website.

      • Tracking: usually used for marketing or advertisement purposes, these cookies analyse your navigation through the Internet as a whole, usually to provide you with personalised ads.

  • According to their ​origin,​ cookies can be:

    • First-Party: from the site that you are visiting

    • Third-Party: from a domain outside the site you are visiting, usually with tracking purposes.

What cookies do we use and what for?

In ​our website, we use essential and functional cookies installed by our website services provider (WIX). Additionally, we uses Google Analytics cookies to measure user-interactions on websites. For their cookies information, use the links below:


How can you delete cookies?

If you do not wish our cookies (or any others) to be stored in your browser anymore, you can always delete them from it. Keep in mind, deleting cookies is like deleting yourself from a website’s memory and, therefore, as soon as you delete them, certain features of the website (personalisation or identification, or saved settings) will be forgotten.

Cookies deletion process can vary depending on the browser you are using, and on your device. Deleting your cookies from a browser or a device will not delete them from any other, so remember you will have to select every browser or device one by one, if you wish to delete all of them.

You can find out how to clear cookies in your browser in this article:

How to clear cookies in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and other browsers

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